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This is not a quick read…

64326_W4S1333-webReady to sit. To read? We’ve had many responses.
So set aside some time to read these responses from near and far.
Friendly, detailed, informative, amusing and hopeful.

I really liked postcard #993 with a cat. So was happy to see Jade received a reply.
Card #991 provided a bit of sunshine.
#837 will be taken to school.
#855 was our first from WA.
#899 was also sent to Albany. And tells us about this little town in WA.
64326_W4S1683-web#1091 got it’s second response.
#1118 got a response from Nick & Poncho the dog.
The house has changed a little at #812
#879 is full of cat love and our first response from New Zealand.
And #792 is our first from the US and isn’t sure who it is outside her house.
#1291 is framed!
The response from #1031, from Finland, is full of insight into living in Finland & why the street is called Hope. (well worth a read!). And (yay!) the child who wrote the postcard has since responded too.
64326_W4S1670-webA sweet as chocolate response to #883
And #949 just made my heart sing a little.
#802 is simple and perfect.
Our first from Italy is at #1003 and we hope Luke sees it!
We agree with #1098A & #1095. We like the pictures too.
And another response from Finland on #978 & #896A
Compliments for the railing at #1347.
A simple and joy-filled response at #854
I like the response at #798 because it summarises the project in some ways.
#980 is a considered and lovely response.
64326_W4S1479-web#1138 have visited Sydney before.
Our first response from Denmark is #1252
AND #1169 might make it into the library newsletter!
#1221 is one of those rare responses we get where the owners know the history of the house & its fascinating.
#1085 particularly liked the tree in their drawing.
#1229  is a quick hello from Italy.
Enthusiasm at #794 from the US.
News of -14°C in Finland at #852 (!!)

And full of more questions and surprise at 64326_W4S1353-webgetting responses, children have responded to their responses here:
#1216 & #875 & #1179 & #759 & #1135
Which is so lovely to see!

And that now is 68 responses.
And no word from France.
Or Hungary.
Argentina or Brazil.
Mexico or Belgium.
Tick. Tock. Fingers crossed.

x Alex.

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And then they landed in the UK

uk picSo, it appears our postcards arrived in the UK before they arrived in WA or New Zealand.
Isn’t the postal service a marvel?

The Hope Streets in the UK have been rather thrilled and responded en mass around when they got their Friday night mail we think. Look at all of these!

#875 is headed straight for the mantlepiece.
#1105 shares a love of Dr Who.
#1150‘s response is short and perfect.
#1278 postcard made them smile. (hoorah!)
#1350 explain their house’s history and their neighbours feelings not living on Hope Street.

#910 is called Ebenezer Cottage because…(!)
Michael received #1271 and is going to show the postcard to his daughters.
& #1010 wrote a lovely response too.
#1155 is all about doors.

#1037 went to a lovely sharehouse
#1309 is another lovely sharehouse and they sent us a picture!
#834 is yet another sharehouse of 5.
#1091 won’t be there much longer.

Good feelings from #1152 in Cheltenham
Discussions about the weather on #1114 in Carlisle.

City Reptiles in Belfast responded (our first shop!) at #1102
And #759 in Ballymeena is a bit of a favourite.

Meanwhile in Australia:
South Yarra  #1216 sounds like a perfect recipient of a postcard from us.
#1073 is short and sweet.
#1006 & #1118 & #1281 & #1040 are all complimentary
#871 from call their house: “Hannah the House of Hope” !
#1061 got it’s SECOND reply!
#853 talked to their neighbours about it all & are looking for new friends. Heart this.

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And our first are here!

Our first postcards have arrived & we’ve got some super lovely & speedy responses.

First was #912 and their boat.
And #1015 from that same Hope St in Sevenhils.
At #1227 Nerissa appreciated the detail.
Carla at #1262 was initially a bit concerned.
And a friendship perhaps can begin here at #928.
#1099 was the second postcard this house had received from us.
But thankfully they weren’t annoyed but delighted.
We smiled when we read what Katie wrote on #1224. And are glad she got a reply.
#1063 feel lucky!
And #1061 told us a little bit about their house. And dogs. (we love dogs)
And #1182 reached a very new addition to a family: Fox.

Thank you Hope Street Residents.
There is always that moment when we post and wait.
Grit teeth and ask, “will we get any replies?!”
And then we do.
And it’s, well, the best.

x Alex.

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And now to let them fly!

So. They’re all uploaded.
All 599 of them.
IMG_3541Numbered from #756 to #1351 (yes, we skipped and doubled up a few numbers…!)
And now they are sitting in a postbox in Sydney.
Ready to fly all across the world.
From Redhead, NSW
to Carnarvon, WA
to Ballymena in Ireland
and Sao Paolo in Brazil.

And now.
To wait. wait. wait.
And hope.

x Alex.

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We made 600ish more!

Sydney Festival finished on Sunday and we are busy busy photographing the 600 or so postcards we made.

It was a steaming week! And we offered a little place to rest and draw amidst the Speigeltents & Volcano demonstrations.

We are gradually uploading the new postcards here.
And we hope to have this finished by mid-next week before the lovely Jen (our producer) takes them to the local postoffice and they are sent out into the world.

Please be patient.
I know.
We’re finding it hard too.

x Alex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Trainos Pakioufakis

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Sydney Festival here we come.

We’re a prep-prepping for another swarm of postcards to be sent across the globe.
We’re looking at hope streets in Hungary to Israel, Smithfield to Yass, Rhode Island to Toronto.

If you’re in Sydney in January make sure you pop down and see us at the Sydney Festival Village in Hyde Park. Details are here.

To all those Hope Street residents – we hope not to send you another postcard, but perhaps your neighbour.

And yes, there are still plenty of Hope Streets in this world we can send to!

Stay tuned for new connections. More hope.
x alex

ps Perth writers & parents, we’re back in February with The Future Postal Service for Perth Festival, if you fancy visiting us again for a different project.

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Six months since our last post…

And there have been even more responses gathering away.
Tos and fros.
And new ones too.
Even only a few weeks ago someone received their postcard.
I like imagining where it’s been the last six months…

From Liz and Rob who received #576 who talk of cats and nests.
The need for bars on their windows is explained in #167.
#122 had a lovely invite from France.
Felippe answers delightfully with a variety of fruit to a question in #473
#726 continues on! As does #497
#456 got a response in Spanish.
Jessie responded on behalf of her mother to #554
Katherine and Dave of #19 speak of the zoo at their granddaughter’s house
#320 has introduced me to what lookalike books are.
An amazing & interesting response at #321 (I’ll come visit if I’m ever there!)
#350 only recently arrived in Cape Town (!)
& #674 in New York.

We also are excited that a class in New Zealand took the project on board and did their own Dear Hope Street.
Room 15
You can see them (pictured) and their postcards here.

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Wishing everyone involved in this project a very Merry Christmas.
Particularly those far away from Australia.
I hope this project has brought hope.
It’s made me very hopeful about the state of community, and generosity and connection.
And strangers in general!
Here are the latest….

Am very please Averley saw her response at #357
We got our first response (i think?) from Italy at #630
A pub in Glasgow has clarified the residential situation at #50
Max managed to send a postcard to the catering manager at a school #277
Lilli is excited for Clara at #365 
Emma has helped us out at #21 and there is a little fan club happening there too.
We are very touched by the story evolving between the Kershaws and the Harveys at #377
And #16 too.
4 Hope St, Ringsend received three* postcards, which are the first bits of mail they’ve received at #295 and #115 and #97 
I loved Jorge’s last sentance in his response to #102
Christmas wishes from Germany at #2
And a lovely response from Canada at #155.

*oops system fail there. Apologies!

I hope the 2014 brings more hope into your lives…
Merry Christmas.
xx Alex.


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Another sixteen responses.

Here are the latest:
#305#497 were sent to the same address in Canada.
As were #618 & #365 in England
And the same for the Dunedin Church at #351 & #211.
#513 from Portugal is full of enthusiasm.
We really hope Averley has seen her response to #375.
And short and sweet answers from #647 & #201.
Thanksgiving wishes from #632 & #651.
Dakota & Jacqueline have started emailing back and forth at #726.
As have Evelyn and Samantha on #16.
And Julia and Stephanie on #33.
And Cate & Kelly on #260.


xx alex.

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The postman. The tornado. The earthquake and more.

It really is so lovely to wake up every morning and scroll through all the comments we’ve received over night.
There are so many I want to make sure you read!

Like this one, from a postman in Barcelona. (#21)
Or. This one that has somewhat freaked out a good humoured Belgian. (#672)
Or learning that a tornado went around Hope St in Washington in this one. (#479)
But an earthquake hit Hope St in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011. (#727)
This eccentric one from a New Yorker. (#572)
From 7yr old Samantha in in the USA. (#16)
Knowing a little history of this house in Bremen & then the whole street. (#192 & #194)
The endearing spelling in this one from Sweden. (#492)

The framers in South Africa. (#354)
Discovering Habbetsalles from residents in Denmark. (#255)
How living on a Hope St means a lot to some. (#174)
And an offer of burgers and chips. (#678)

And.Site visits over the last week
All of these ones too:
Canada: #401#73
Belgium: #419#23
USA: #427
Germany: #193
South Africa: #400
Australia: #257
France: #677 #675
UK: #726#125#752

happy reading
xx alex.

(site visits statistics over the last 7 days)


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