One response to “#1223

  1. Hello Australia! Thanks for showing us that a simple postcard can brighten up so many peoples day, I know it certainly did for us at no. 1 Hope street. It arrived on a Saturday morning at the same time that our niece arrived, she was visiting us, from guess where? St Ives in Sydney! A very happy coincidence. Cambridge is a really good place to live and living in Hope Street anywhere in the world does give you a lift just saying it, (being number one is special too!):)
    To answer your questions, we have been to Australia, although it was nearly 20 years ago, but we do plan to come again soon, and sorry, I know not of Harry Styles…
    ps my son and his family live next door at number 3 hope st and they received a card too on the same day #1250 i am sure they will write back as well.
    many thanks again, good luck with the project and I hope you are all happy and well in Sydney,

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