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  1. Artist Averley and mum Deanne #375

    We are so excited to learn the postcards have been posted and my five year old “artist” daughter is so looking forward to seeing if she gets a message back from “the most beautiful blue house ever…” in Port Moody Vancouver, Canada.

  2. Jenn Voss

    After the initial shock of finding this postcard in our mail, we in the blue house in Port Moody are thrilled to have received this personal message from Western Australia! We think your drawing is beautiful, Averley! We really love our blue house too. Four of us live here, Jenn and Jan (Mom and Dad) and two daughters Kelsey (15) and Katrina (13), both of whom are artistic also. Oh, and we also have three cats, Smudge, Rue and Mo. We think this Dear Hope Street project is pretty cool! We will put this postcard on our fridge for all visitors to see and admire.

  3. Artist Averley and mum Deanne #375

    From Averley (5yrs) – Thank you for emailing me. I am glad you liked my picture. I like the names of your cats! We have a dog called Ashby. I am so happy Kelsey and Katrina are both artists too. I do special art classes once a week and just got a medal for my work this year. I live with my mum (Deanne), dad (Craig) and my little sister Emeline (2yrs) in a house next to the beach in a town called Mandurah, 1 hour south of Perth.

    I loved the Hope Street Project at the Awesome Art Festival. I chose to look for a Hope St in Vancouver because my mum and dad lived there for 1 year, and they think it is the most beautiful city. Before living in Vancouver they had never seen snow, and now they love it and have taken us skiing in Melbourne (as we don’t ever get snow here).

    Thank you again for your message and I am glad you liked my artwork. I wish you all a Merry Christmas – one day I hope to have a white Christmas as it is very hot here. Santa wears board shorts and a sun hat and kangaroos pull the sleigh!

    Love Averley xxx

    *****Thank you Jenn for emailing back to Averley. She has been so excited about this project and really truly loved your beautiful home. She did want to know if you had a vegetable garden and chickens as she thought that was what she could see from google earth and thought that was very cool.

    I can imagine that you had mixed feelings about an art project involving google earth – we felt Alex’s project was a very clever way to highlight the privacy issues and also the connective properties which such a technology creates. We live in an exciting but ethically challenging time!

    A bit more about us… we grow some vegetables but do not have enough room for chickens. We have a single story home which is only 5 years old, in a new coastal housing area of mainly young families. We moved to Mandurah 2 years ago from an inner city suburb of Perth. If you are interested, you can find out more about where we live at http://www.mandurah.wa.gov.au – Mandurah is also a lovely place to live and raise children. Like Vancouver, it is on the west coast and enjoys a relatively healthy, outdoor lifestyle – and we also get to see very nice sunsets over the ocean!!!

    Craig and I did really enjoy our time living in Vancouver. We stayed with some people in Port Moody when we first arrived and then rented a place in Kitsilano. Craig worked in Surrey for the Council and I worked for a company on West 9th. We would love to take the kids to see your beautiful part of the world sometime soon.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond, and thanks also to your post/mail worker who was able to deliver the card with such limited information. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

    Deanne (Averley’s Mum)

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