Have you received a postcard?

Lucky you!

squared mini globe roundedYour postcard is part of an art project
called Dear Hope Street.
To read more about the project go here.

To reply to your postcard
– Click on the approrpriate number gallery below.
– Scroll through until you find your postcard number.
– Click the photo of your postcard and use the “comments” section below to reply.

photo 1  photo 2number 6 DHS
We apologise if you received more than one postcard. We tried very hard for this to not happen, but …well…it wasn’t perfect.

Any questions? email alex @ maybetogether . com . au or comment anywhere on the website.

xx alex

PS If you aren’t familiar with google translate, it might be useful.
PPS for those of you that want to keep in the loop of all the replies – the best way is to subscribe to the blog on the right ——>
Every few days we’ll write a list of all the replies we’ve received. They’re quite a nice thing to have in ones inbox we think.


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Cheekiness, Sparklepants & answers to questions.

This little batch of answers quite beautifully captures the “child within” that sometimes recipients find when they are writing responses. We have cheekiness. We have specific answers to questions. And even a Mr Sparklepants…

IMG_5552#1484 is gentle and answers the question.
#1583 like their card.
As does #1528
If #1585 came to Australia, they’d go to Steve Irwin’s Zoo.
#1666 is another where it was passed onto a son or daughter to investigate the internet. We like these ones.
#1438 has children that like to row, play soccer and dancing.
What a story at #1431 !
received cheek for their cheek. And makes me want to sit in the elderberry tree!
#1560 describes their view.IMG_5535
#1601 was the first reply we’ve had from France for a very long time. And such a lovely one!
I think #1444 was a little surprised by the postcard.
#1471 likes the tree. And I apologise that this was their second – the system must have failed somewhere…(!)
#1649 was a mystery for its recipient.
#1509 is lovely and answers all the food questions.
#1570 got a response from Mr Sparklepants!

And #973 is still remembered. And treasured. It sounds like it arrived at a serendipitous moment.

x Alex.

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Adelaide to Australia, New Zealand & the UK.

#1548 makes mention of the three little pigs. IMG_5564
#1524 got a response from someone who’s 93!!! Imagine living in a house for 63 years!
#1395 , #1462, #1539 & #1536 are short and sweet.
#1472 explains the changes to their house since the google car went past.
#1543 think their picture looks just like their house. (I like this picture a lot too!)
#1612 makes the fridge!
As will #1579 – which we know is an old miner’s cottage & about to turn 100 years old…
#1491 got a smiley face back :)
#1547 was excited by the project. (We remember the boy who drew this postcard decided he really didn’t want to write anything. IMG_5562 Maybe he will now? )
#1581 made her smile.
I think #1582 have excellent names for their pets.
#1593 was our first from New Zealand. And they’ve let us know it’s been snowing there!
#1590 has revealed I may have made an error in the system, but the postman seems to be taking care of it!
#1677 got reviewed by all family members.
Our first one from Adelaide to the UK was #1681 and was received by a four year old.
#1584 embraces the fact the postcard is from Australia. We like Bob.
#1432 was happy.IMG_5563
As was #1598. Despite maybe a different house being drawn?
And the New Zealanders at #1440 have been to Adelaide :)

And lastly we wanted to share with you this little bit from an ABC show here for children called Behind The News.
Some of you might see your postcards in the background!



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And 334 more. From Adelaide.

IMG_5549We had an amazing time at Come Out Festival in Adelaide.
9 days of workshops with schools and families.
Tucked away in the City Library above Rundle Mall.

Conversations. Drawing. Writing and more.
Look at all the postcards that were made!

And now we wait. For replies.

IMG_5544But in the mean time, it looks like our postcards from Sydney Festival have only just arrived in Mexico & Brazil.
#1300 begins with “dear friend”
#1345 now sits on a desk.
#776  does have a 7 yr old living there.

And conversations continue on #1105 #1099 & #879
And one from Awesome Festival has written back from Chile! That’s 18 months later!

Expect more posts  from us very soon…
x alex

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A few more & getting ready for Adelaide…

adelaide sateliteSix weeks since our last post.
Things have definitely slowed.
But in another month things will be ramping up again as we are going to Adelaide’s Come Out Festival. Are you from Adelaide? You should come! I look forward to the moment when a child that has received a postcard comes to a workshop to make one too!

#1115 has had two sets of pictures sent to it.  One was even a picture of their house they drew ages ago!
#987 wishes great days all around.
We’re glad #1106 ended up in Courtney’s letter box.
#1247 is Angelina’s Coffee. We always think its so lovely for businesses to respond and imagine them sitting on the noticeboard…
#789 is from “a small country with many views…with very windy and rainy weather”, can you guess?
#959 comes from Finland.
And #1134 is a lovely response from Hungary.
We like the drawing for #1112 & the response too.
Dear #934, and all other postcards mentioning weather:  I am wearing a beanie and scarf in Australia as we speak.

And many delightful back and forths here:
#1114 #1309 #1091 #1085 #1236 (hello bella & peaches!) #1102 #1015 #798 #935 #1003 #1307

_DSC8793_0173Oh. And I’m trying to crowd-fund another “children reaching adults they don’t know” project called Small Voices Louder. I don’t crowdfund often (the last one was three years ago) – so if you have a few dollars I’d really appreciate it. Every dollar you donate is also matched by the Australian Government – which is amazing! It’s also tax deductible and makes you an supporter of the arts, which will make you feel warm and fuzzy allll day!

Please have a look here.

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More responses trickling in….

The flow has ebbed. But not the enthusiasm or answering of questions!

64326_W4S1468-webAt #764 The ginger restaurant has clarified things & the postcard now sits on the wall.
While #1236 made it to the fridge.
Chrissy at #1050 has promised to add colour to her yard.
The family at #1190 are new residents and have a new new member to their family.
Shaba is full of praise at #836
#842 has been claimed. Simply.
A Caitlin coincidence at #880 (we also like Caitlin’s bin)
An insight into Denmark at #1019
#968 has a polite response.
WE GOT A RESPONSE TO #1 !! This was our very first postcard sent over 18 months ago! Thank you Jason for replying, all this time later :)
#935 is, well, just delightful. We laughed when we saw the 5 minute later add-on. Easy mistake to make!
Our first response from Brazil! at #892A
For number #1209 we needed Google Translate & it’s lovely.
And I think Denise at #1173 is still a-wondering how Conor found a picture of her house…

And our Canadian postman has responded again & let us know where the postcard has ended up. Which we think is a lovely place for it to stay.

And for those hardcore followers.
These are the conversations that have grown since our last post:

#993 #963 #798 #1118 #879 #1063 #1321 #794 #896A

And. Beeston has officially become our #1 fan town. With an article appearing on page 3 of their rather excellent publication The Beestonian.


Till next time…
x Alex

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Two never-happened-befores.

Two never-happened-befores happened this week.
One was a newspaper article in the local Beeston Paper! Look! We really love the photo of the children holding #1150  in front of the real house!

beeston pic

And then we got a rather special email.
From a Canadian postman.
Turns out that #950 was sent to a shed (marked 69) that was actually the property of the street behind.
If you don’t understand. Don’t worry. But here is a picture of said shed.


House #948 is over 120 years old.
#859 got a response from Lapland.
Our first and quite beautiful response from Belgium at #1115
#1123 doesn’t know Harry Styles, but do know their neighbours at #1250
#1273 looks a little different now because of Hurricane Sandy.
#1265 & #827 got a joint response from a kindly Liselotte in Denmark.
#1189 from another sharehouse in Cambridge.
#861 is from a special family. Who taught us what ohana means.
#963 is from the same Hope street that our favourite postman delivers too.
Maruo at #994 is a bit wry and we like it.
#1344 is hoping for Spring and other things too.
#1197 was sent a postcard from someone rather small we expect. Which i think added to the initial confusion.
#1164 is our first response in French. And I’ve learnt I should translate the Quebec ones too! (sorry Quebec!) which was reiterated with postcard #891A too.
I think #824 liked their postcard.
#1321 win the most interesting pets on a Hope Street competition (!)
#862 is a gentle and answers all the questions.

Conversations and pen-pals are springing up all over the world.
Read these to see them growing:
#1135 between Payton & the Coopers, who shovelled a hefty amount of snow.
#995 between Kylie & Zane
#798 between Alice & The Millers.
#993 between Lauren & Jade.
#792 between Amelie & Barbara.

And to end this long list is #1154 which has been adopted by the real estate agent. Which makes us happy.

x Alex.

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This is not a quick read…

64326_W4S1333-webReady to sit. To read? We’ve had many responses.
So set aside some time to read these responses from near and far.
Friendly, detailed, informative, amusing and hopeful.

I really liked postcard #993 with a cat. So was happy to see Jade received a reply.
Card #991 provided a bit of sunshine.
#837 will be taken to school.
#855 was our first from WA.
#899 was also sent to Albany. And tells us about this little town in WA.
64326_W4S1683-web#1091 got it’s second response.
#1118 got a response from Nick & Poncho the dog.
The house has changed a little at #812
#879 is full of cat love and our first response from New Zealand.
And #792 is our first from the US and isn’t sure who it is outside her house.
#1291 is framed!
The response from #1031, from Finland, is full of insight into living in Finland & why the street is called Hope. (well worth a read!). And (yay!) the child who wrote the postcard has since responded too.
64326_W4S1670-webA sweet as chocolate response to #883
And #949 just made my heart sing a little.
#802 is simple and perfect.
Our first from Italy is at #1003 and we hope Luke sees it!
We agree with #1098A & #1095. We like the pictures too.
And another response from Finland on #978 & #896A
Compliments for the railing at #1347.
A simple and joy-filled response at #854
I like the response at #798 because it summarises the project in some ways.
#980 is a considered and lovely response.
64326_W4S1479-web#1138 have visited Sydney before.
Our first response from Denmark is #1252
AND #1169 might make it into the library newsletter!
#1221 is one of those rare responses we get where the owners know the history of the house & its fascinating.
#1085 particularly liked the tree in their drawing.
#1229  is a quick hello from Italy.
Enthusiasm at #794 from the US.
News of -14°C in Finland at #852 (!!)

And full of more questions and surprise at 64326_W4S1353-webgetting responses, children have responded to their responses here:
#1216 & #875 & #1179 & #759 & #1135
Which is so lovely to see!

And that now is 68 responses.
And no word from France.
Or Hungary.
Argentina or Brazil.
Mexico or Belgium.
Tick. Tock. Fingers crossed.

x Alex.

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