One response to “#1601

  1. PRIVE Romane

    Hey there :) !! Thank you very much for your card, it really made my family and I happy :) We think you drew our house very well !!
    We also think that this project is amazing, receiving a card from a country that is that far away is awesome (there’s almsot 24 hours of flight if I want to go to Australia, can you imagine ?!) Now we are sort of connected, I will hang your card in my bedroom and it will make me smile everytime I will see it, it will make me think of your warm country and of all the kids who drew theses cards.
    Thank you again, I hope you will have a beautiful day my dear :) !
    Romane and her family (Baptiste, Jean Fran├žois, Isabelle and our cat Lewin :) )

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