One response to “#1579

  1. Leah and Will

    Dear Henry, thank you for your postcard. We really liked the picture you drew of our house, well done! It was lovely to receive, and has found a new home on our fridge :) This house is one of the original miners cottages in Newcastle, which we bought last year after relocating from Qld and is about to turn 100 years old would you believe. Luckily our cottage has an open fireplace and is partially renovated to keep the warmth in, as it is getting very very chilly here at the present. We are also looking forward to our winter vege garden popping it’s head up soon as well. It will be our first year we have grown our own veges and have had wild cockatoos come and visit regularly.
    We wish you all the best in the future and hope you enjoy the rest of your studies.
    Best wishes,
    Leah & Will

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