New Zealand to Israel & many in between…

We have responses from all over the world.
It reminds us how big and small the world is*.

Immediately after my last post we got our first postcard reply from our New Zealand cousins, #1784. And you’ll never believe what her name is!!
#1697 is from a six year old in Melbourne.
Another from Watermans Bay: #1805 with notes about the neighbours.
#1865 came from a lovely family in New South Wales.
And #1888 has a few fans.#1789 made it to the fridge!
Riona who replied to #1712 is delightful.
Beatrice, our first respondent from France, explains why her house is green at #1688.
#1804 appreciated Jaxon’s noticings.
Stacey replied to #1700 and answered the Kiwi question.
We really hope Jaxon replies to Joe who is 79yrs old at #1692

Responses like these at #1820 make my and everyone’s involved day. Thank you so much Robert for letting us know where this postcard landed. It reminds us that the small things can be so important.

Raheema in the UK appreciated her postcard #1739
Ana from Portugal answered all the questions on her postcard #1859
Nathan from New Zealand describes well his family’s life in New Zealand for #1788
Marion from the USA was surprised with her postcard #1875
And our first response from Israel and a beautiful offer from them at #1844

Thank you so much to all our responders.
And we hope all your children are checking furiously.
We know, at least, Jade did. You too can respond like she did.

Till again soon.
x Alex.

* Queue: Carl Sagan

Photographs taken by Ryan Ammon

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