Our first responses!

From Watermans Bay, WA to Crook, UK the postcards have landed!

Our very special first was #1892 from Denise & Mark in Watermans Bay. They told us about their dog, Maggie, who we wish was captured by the google-street-view car!
#1883 from West Footscray, VIC loved their stripey door.
#1714 from Preston, VIC was actually in Perth this year for the first time.
#1854 from a lovely couple told us their house may not exist next time we do Dear Hope Street (!)
#1885 liked her drawing.
#1713 asks an amusing question.Pip from #1725 & #1761  received two and kindly responded to both.(and we apologise that shegot

two – a blip in the system!)It’s replies like Tracey at #1695 (our first from overseas!) that make thisproject all warm and fuzzy. Thank you Tracey!
And #1734 was sent to a Vet and has the staff all loved the drawing. They’ve even shared it online – which shows our modern day “messages in a bottle” can reach far.

Thank you to all our quick responders. Truly.

x Alex.



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2 responses to “Our first responses!

  1. Chris Vaughan

    hi there. I received a card – #1874. Perth-Australia. I’ve googled this to learn more about it. I’ve love to leave a comment to thank the child who wrote it but every time I try I get an error in red text. tried 3 times now. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘website”

    • Hi Chris, I am perplexed as to why this is happening. I have been able to comment on it ok.
      Two things to try: write your response here & I will copy it across to #1874 or try in a different browser? (eg if using firefox, try chrome etc)

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