3 responses to “#993

  1. Lauren

    Dear Jade, my name is Lauren. Thank you for your postcard, what a beautiful picture of our house, though we (my husband and two young children) have recently renovated the front and it looks quite different now. We have a cat too, his name is Travis. Our Christmas was a great day, spent eating lots of food and swimming in the pool!
    Thank you again for your postcard… Kind Regards, Lauren….

  2. Jade

    Thankyou Lauren!
    Thankyou for replying!
    I hope this year is great for you.
    Yesterday, I went to see the Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Opera house!
    It was so fun!
    Please reply,

  3. Jade

    To Lauren,
    I really like to play cello.
    Do you play an instrument?

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