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We’ve had a few requests from people wanting to do this project themselves.
We’re pretty chuffed about this.

We also don’t want to send postcards to the same Hope St houses over & over & over.

If you are a school, then we’re trialling a “pack”.
But. You can also DIY.
(Its just that we know teachers are busy, and setting up a blog is time consuming.
And, its nice to be part of the larger project we think :) )
The Dear Hope Street Kit.
I will post you a kit which will include:
– The DHS postcards
– an allocated street in Australia or Overseas for your students.
– Access to a video welcome from me to show students
– instructions for you on how to facilitate workshop
– a self-addressed envelope to return the postcards to me

– photographing and including all the postcards at
– inclusion in the blogging etc.
– a  teachers resource kit with some other activities and extensions.

This will cost $200 + stamps ($2.60 for international, 70c for within Australia)

And if you’re interested now – email alex @ before Friday 26th June.

DIY option for schools:
– use the school street name (eg if the school is on Smith Street, find Smith Streets in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand etc.)
– we recommend making it easier for yourself by choosing an English-speaking country.
– make sure you include the postcode
– include your blog address on the the bottom of the postcard
-please place a credit note somewhere on your blog and link it to
– please donate “what you feel” below. (no donation is too small)
– email me and tell me you’re doing it! alex @


Please note it is not ok for organisations, festivals or other artists to do this.
If you are an individual family, then feel free to do this project too. And follow the DIY instructions above.

I am an independent artist attempting to make a living off my practice.
But do want to see more postcards sent out into the world!

If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you’d like to make a donation. You can here:

Small Donate Button

4 responses to “DIY

  1. heatherkent12

    My 2 x 5 year old twins did the Hope Street postcard to Canada (Hope Street, Hope), and their postcards are 822 & 824. We can’t see them posted anywhere and they are most excited to see their postcards as this is what was explained to them would happen. We CAN see from 1 – 756 postcards, which is the same as it was on the 20/JAN, and today is now the 25th. How do we see the postcards 822 & 824??? We have been looking everyday but it doesn’t seem to change from the limit of #756, and everyday I tell my little girls that today is the day that we will see their postcards, as that is what the Sydney Festival volunteers assured us would happen when we entered this project.

    I am more than happy to participate in such projects, but is really helpful if the children can get some sort of understanding of what it is all about. They were really pushed to do this project by the Sydney Festival volunteers as they needed the numbers for the project. Whilst I see the importance for Sydney Festival, I would also like to see some sort of value and understanding provided back to the children (as I did express my concerns that they might be a bit young to do this).

    I am hoping you can shed some light on how we might view their postcards, and what I need to do to make this happen. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong area of your website, and I would be grateful for you to re-direct me.

    I am aware that there is absolutely no guarantee anyone will reply at the other end, but at this time I am most focussed on the girls being able to see their postcards they spent a good 30 minutes creating. It is this sort of thing that will provide real value to young children, if they can see results from their efforts.

    Hoping you can help…………my email:

    Thank you,
    Heather Kent

    • Hi heather,
      Thanks for writing to the project. You’re right, the postcards aren’t online yet. But they will asap, which should be in around a week. I have to check addresses, stamp them, photograph & edit them & upload them online.
      Apologies that this wasn’t clear to you.
      Once they are all online, we then post them – so first replies will be in about two weeks.
      The children’s work is incredibly important to us & valued, it just takes a bit of time to deal with 600+ postcards.
      Please sign up to the blog, as that’s the best way to keep in the loop with the project as replies start arriving.
      Warmth & fingers crossed for some replies!

  2. Cool! I saw a postcard that was sent to Hope St., Hope CANADA! Thank your girls!

  3. Chrissy

    My post card is #1050 and from Hanna Hope BC Canada :) thank you

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