Have you received a postcard?

Lucky you!

squared mini globe roundedYour postcard is part of an art project
called Dear Hope Street.
To read more about the project go here.

To reply to your postcard
– Click on the approrpriate number gallery below.
– Scroll through until you find your postcard number.
– Click the photo of your postcard and use the “comments” section below to reply.

photo 1  photo 2
number 6 DHS
We apologise if you received more than one postcard. We tried very hard for this to not happen, but …well…it wasn’t perfect.

Any questions? email alex @ maybetogether . com . au or comment anywhere on the website.

xx alex

PS If you aren’t familiar with google translate, it might be useful.
PPS for those of you that want to keep in the loop of all the replies – the best way is to subscribe to the blog on the right ——>
Every few days we’ll write a list of all the replies we’ve received. They’re quite a nice thing to have in ones inbox we think.


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7 responses to “Have you received a postcard?

  1. bradfavas

    my postcard is 616

  2. hi brad. We are slooowly getting there! Yours will be up shortly xx alex.

  3. piratesal

    We received a lovely drawing on card #1099. What a lovely project. Our first card was in 2012. We are hoping for more. We still have our card from Mis and will frame them and give them pride of place in our house. Thank you!

  4. Alana Louise Beckley

    Hello :)

    We received a lovely postcard from a little girl called Sarah – we have found the photo of our postcard but can’t leave a reply !

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