2 responses to “#1438

  1. Lechelle

    Hello Riley, Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard of our house that you have drawn!!! You must be very good at art as your picture looks just like our house. We are a family of 5, mum, dad, 2 boys aged 18 & 19 and a girl aged 15.
    Our house is near the beach so we all love to go walking and swimming at our local spot, Watermans Bay.
    Our boys love soccer and rowing and our girl loves dancing.
    We have visited Adelaide before and really like it !!!
    Thanks again Riley and tell your teacher this was a great idea.

  2. Paula

    Hello, this is Riley’s mum. Thanks so much for your reply – he was really excited to see it. Riley doesn’t always enjoy drawing but he spent ages trying to get your house right! Thanks! Paual

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