2 responses to “#1085

  1. Donna Dunn

    Dear Ruben,
    We received your postcard here in Nottingham this morning, what a fantastic surprise, thank you! We have just been reading about your project and think it is a wonderful idea and feel privileged to be a part of it.
    Thank you for your lovely drawing of our house, we especially love the way you have captured our tree at the front, our house is well known for its tree!
    We have lived here on Hope Street for 4 years now, with our twin boys Harry and Billy, who will turn 4 in a couple of weeks, and are due to start school in September.
    It is Valentine’s Day here today so what a perfect way to spread the love across the world!!
    Best wishes,
    Donna, Matthew, Harry & Billy

  2. Karen Spicer

    Hi Donna,

    Great to hear from you. We nearly forgot to check for a reply and now it’s made our day!!
    How are you twins? Is spring arriving yet?
    Autumn has just began and the evenings and mornings are cooling down, but the days are still warm and the sea is 22 degrees !! so we swim most days.
    We haven’t visited Nottingham, but we’ve been to England several times, as my husband is from Buckingham. Our Granny and Grandpa from Brighton have just been staying with us for the summer, and we had loads of fun.
    We hope you are all well and wish you all the best !
    Karen, Mark, Tilly, Ruben and Margot.

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