3 responses to “#879

  1. JohnMiller

    Thanks very much for your card, Emilija! It really does look so much like my house. I’ve now stuck you card to my fridge so that I can see it every day. I’ve been to Sydney several times and like travelling on the trains and the ferries. I can see why you called your cat Bagheera because he’s black with yellow eyes just like Bagheera the panther. My cat is a tabby called Toby. Best wishes for your future. – John

    • Dijana Wolffram

      Dear John,
      thank you soooo much for replying back and liking my picture.I really liked it too.I’ve got a few questions for you.What is your favourite place in Sydney? What is your favourite place in New Zealand? Do you know Taupo bay? Because that’s where my grandma lives and that’s where I usually stay when I come to New Zealand.My mum was also born in New Zealand.I really love New Zealand because it has lots of nature and bushland.But just so you know it is really hot now in Sydney because it is in the middle of march.Although,it might end soon in winter.I am so excited though because in April my Swedish cousins are coming over for easter.Hope you are happy. Please write back!
      From Emilija.

  2. John

    Hi Emilija

    Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply to your questions. My favourite place in Sydney is a little park on Manly Point. I try to visit it each time I’m in Sydney and here’s why. I first visited it with my wife Jo ten years ago. Four years after that, Jo died of cancer and when I next was in Sydney, I visited the park again. In the meantime, a lady whose husband had passed away had put a little plaque in his memory on the seat that looked out to South Head. On it, it had the words “Safe on a distant shore”. Now, when I visit, I sit on that seat, look out across the harbour to the south side and think of Jo safe on a distant shore. That’s why it’s my favourite place in Sydney.

    My favourite place in New Zealand is Hot Water Beach – “hot water” because there are hot springs under one part of the beach where you can make hot pools in the sand. That’s my favourite place because Jo and I used to visit it often and walk along the beach, so it has happy memories for me.

    I have heard of Taupo Bay, but I’ve never visited it. New Zealand has many beautiful beaches. And it also has beautiful bushland, as you say.

    I hope you had a really good visit with your Swedish cousins at Easter. I do hope that the storms that hit Sydney didn’t spoil their visit too much.

    Best wishes


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