4 responses to “#1091

  1. Ellie Warren

    Hello Tilly! Thank you for your postcard, we like the picture. We have only lived in the house for a few months unfortunately we are leaving again soon :( We go to university around the corner. Hope you’re well.

    • Karen Spicer

      Hi Ellie,

      I’m Tilly’s mum. We’d forgotten about checking for a reply and were delighted to see you had!!
      Are you still living in the house? What do you study at university?
      We are all great. Tilly is loving her back bends and listening to Harry Potter audiobooks.
      Love Karen and Tilly

  2. Sarm Falaki

    Hi Tilly! I see you drew my flowers in the window, they are dormant now but I am working on growing some more. I still have my black car too. Hope you’re well in Australia! I’ve been to Sydney and think it’s quite a pretty place.

  3. Karen Spicer

    Hi Sarm,

    Great to hear from you. Is the weather warming enough for your flowers to grow yet?
    Our vegetable garden is also poorly – it needs more soil and water. It’s been a hot, rather dry summer.
    We love living in Sydney. We swim swim in the sea most days!
    From Tilly

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