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  1. Hi Laura, my name is Fanny and I’am 31 years old and I like your postcard ;-) ! What a surprise to discover it last week after work ; and what a wonderfull emotion when I realised it was actually my own house ! Thank you for this “sunny intrusion in our winter belgian daily life” ;-) ! Your project is just incredible ! Go on with this. Love xxx from Liège. Fanny

  2. Geoffroy

    Hi Laura, my name is Geoffroy. I’m Fanny’s boyfriend.
    My little nephew Henri and I took this picture of ourself in front of our house.
    Look closer and you’ll see that we have your postcard in our hands ;)
    We wish you all the best in life and we hope you will enjoy visiting Belgium one day!
    Henri & Geoffroy

  3. “Hi Laura, I found an old drawing of mine of our house… Fun, isnt’it ? See you. Fanny”

  4. Hello Fanny – Jen here Laura’s guardian – so lovely to get your reply. This project seems to have done what it set out to do that is to connect people from all over the world!
    We loved the photo with your house and the postcard – we have been ‘researching’ Belgium and yes definitely plan to visit one day.
    Have a wonderful day !
    Jen and Laura

  5. Also apologies for late reply – I only found our record card yesterday and so thought to check.

    You have really made my day though in sunny Australia ; )

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