2 responses to “#1114

  1. Catherine Monkhouse

    Dear Holly

    Thank you for the postcard. It’s not too cold today – the snow has melted and the temperature is around 2 degrees Celsius – much warmer than it was last week!

    You are lucky that it is boiling, we need to wait another 3 or 4 months for it to get up to around 18 – 22 degrees. I n that would probably still be cold for you as I have relatives who live in Perth, WA ae d when they were here, we had a heatwave but they still wore jackets.

    Thanks again for the postcard and good luck with your art project.

    Best Wishes

    Catherine and Ian

  2. Sarah

    Hello Catherine and Ian,
    Thank you for your lovely reply, I was so excited to read it!
    I know how cold it gets there as my aunties and grandma live in England and I visited 2 years ago at Xmas time…I hope summer comes soon for you!
    Love Molly x

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