Cheekiness, Sparklepants & answers to questions.

This little batch of answers quite beautifully captures the “child within” that sometimes recipients find when they are writing responses. We have cheekiness. We have specific answers to questions. And even a Mr Sparklepants…

IMG_5552#1484 is gentle and answers the question.
#1583 like their card.
As does #1528
If #1585 came to Australia, they’d go to Steve Irwin’s Zoo.
#1666 is another where it was passed onto a son or daughter to investigate the internet. We like these ones.
#1438 has children that like to row, play soccer and dancing.
What a story at #1431 !
received cheek for their cheek. And makes me want to sit in the elderberry tree!
#1560 describes their view.IMG_5535
#1601 was the first reply we’ve had from France for a very long time. And such a lovely one!
I think #1444 was a little surprised by the postcard.
#1471 likes the tree. And I apologise that this was their second – the system must have failed somewhere…(!)
#1649 was a mystery for its recipient.
#1509 is lovely and answers all the food questions.
#1570 got a response from Mr Sparklepants!

And #973 is still remembered. And treasured. It sounds like it arrived at a serendipitous moment.

x Alex.

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