A few more & getting ready for Adelaide…

adelaide sateliteSix weeks since our last post.
Things have definitely slowed.
But in another month things will be ramping up again as we are going to Adelaide’s Come Out Festival. Are you from Adelaide? You should come! I look forward to the moment when a child that has received a postcard comes to a workshop to make one too!

#1115 has had two sets of pictures sent to it.  One was even a picture of their house they drew ages ago!
#987 wishes great days all around.
We’re glad #1106 ended up in Courtney’s letter box.
#1247 is Angelina’s Coffee. We always think its so lovely for businesses to respond and imagine them sitting on the noticeboard…
#789 is from “a small country with many views…with very windy and rainy weather”, can you guess?
#959 comes from Finland.
And #1134 is a lovely response from Hungary.
We like the drawing for #1112 & the response too.
Dear #934, and all other postcards mentioning weather:  I am wearing a beanie and scarf in Australia as we speak.

And many delightful back and forths here:
#1114 #1309 #1091 #1085 #1236 (hello bella & peaches!) #1102 #1015 #798 #935 #1003 #1307

_DSC8793_0173Oh. And I’m trying to crowd-fund another “children reaching adults they don’t know” project called Small Voices Louder. I don’t crowdfund often (the last one was three years ago) – so if you have a few dollars I’d really appreciate it. Every dollar you donate is also matched by the Australian Government – which is amazing! It’s also tax deductible and makes you an supporter of the arts, which will make you feel warm and fuzzy allll day!

Please have a look here.

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  1. We were there and we loved it!

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