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  1. Hello Sibelle!
    Thank you so much for your lovely postcard, we love the picture you drew of our house! It’s now on our fridge so we can look at it everyday and think of the nice message you sent. My name is Adrianna and I live in our house on Hope Street with Michael my husband and our cat, Nala! We have a lot of snow right now and we wish our house looked as bright and sunny as the picture you drew!

    Stay in touch!

    Adrianna, Michael and Nala (meow)

  2. Sibelle Minkali Altiparmak

    Hello Adrianna, Michael and Nala the cat,
    My name is Sibelle and I’m an only child. My parent’s names are Kellie and Ferhat, also my mum is of Aboriginal descent and my dad is Turkish and so is his name and mine.

    I have 2 pet Abyssinian guinea pigs called Bella and Peaches. I am hoping for 2 pet Budgies if I get a good term 2 report, but lets get to the main point here thank you, your husband + Nala for sending this wonderful reply you sound very nice and friendly. Also its my B’day tomorrow and I’m turning 10 double digits

    bye for now hope u get this Sibelle, Kellie, Ferhat, Bella and Peaches ( squeak! )

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