3 responses to “#1106

  1. Courtney

    Hello Emma!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard! I live in a small condominium complex with eight units and your postcard ended up in my mailbox. I live here with my twin sister. I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney, hopefully one day I will. Living in America is a great thing, and I especially enjoy living in Southern California. It’s warm and beautiful and I feel lucky to call it my home. Thank you for choosing our address – I have always enjoyed the fact that I live on “Hope” – sending good thoughts your way as well!


    • Emma Bright

      Hi Courtney,
      thank you very much for your reply.I live in Greystanes, Sydney, NSW. I am 9 years old turning 10 in September 2015. I am in year 4. I’ve always wonder what America would look like. The bright lights and night clubs in the city and a swaying breeze out in the suburbs.
      thanks for replying!


  2. Courtney

    My birthday’s in September too – the 12th! Happy early birthday to us!


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