More responses trickling in….

The flow has ebbed. But not the enthusiasm or answering of questions!

64326_W4S1468-webAt #764 The ginger restaurant has clarified things & the postcard now sits on the wall.
While #1236 made it to the fridge.
Chrissy at #1050 has promised to add colour to her yard.
The family at #1190 are new residents and have a new new member to their family.
Shaba is full of praise at #836
#842 has been claimed. Simply.
A Caitlin coincidence at #880 (we also like Caitlin’s bin)
An insight into Denmark at #1019
#968 has a polite response.
WE GOT A RESPONSE TO #1 !! This was our very first postcard sent over 18 months ago! Thank you Jason for replying, all this time later :)
#935 is, well, just delightful. We laughed when we saw the 5 minute later add-on. Easy mistake to make!
Our first response from Brazil! at #892A
For number #1209 we needed Google Translate & it’s lovely.
And I think Denise at #1173 is still a-wondering how Conor found a picture of her house…

And our Canadian postman has responded again & let us know where the postcard has ended up. Which we think is a lovely place for it to stay.

And for those hardcore followers.
These are the conversations that have grown since our last post:

#993 #963 #798 #1118 #879 #1063 #1321 #794 #896A

And. Beeston has officially become our #1 fan town. With an article appearing on page 3 of their rather excellent publication The Beestonian.


Till next time…
x Alex

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