Adelaide to Australia, New Zealand & the UK.

#1548 makes mention of the three little pigs. IMG_5564
#1524 got a response from someone who’s 93!!! Imagine living in a house for 63 years!
#1395 , #1462, #1539 & #1536 are short and sweet.
#1472 explains the changes to their house since the google car went past.
#1543 think their picture looks just like their house. (I like this picture a lot too!)
#1612 makes the fridge!
As will #1579 – which we know is an old miner’s cottage & about to turn 100 years old…
#1491 got a smiley face back :)
#1547 was excited by the project. (We remember the boy who drew this postcard decided he really didn’t want to write anything. IMG_5562 Maybe he will now? )
#1581 made her smile.
I think #1582 have excellent names for their pets.
#1593 was our first from New Zealand. And they’ve let us know it’s been snowing there!
#1590 has revealed I may have made an error in the system, but the postman seems to be taking care of it!
#1677 got reviewed by all family members.
Our first one from Adelaide to the UK was #1681 and was received by a four year old.
#1584 embraces the fact the postcard is from Australia. We like Bob.
#1432 was happy.IMG_5563
As was #1598. Despite maybe a different house being drawn?
And the New Zealanders at #1440 have been to Adelaide :)

And lastly we wanted to share with you this little bit from an ABC show here for children called Behind The News.
Some of you might see your postcards in the background!



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