3 responses to “#1688

  1. Translation:
    Bonjour. Pourquoi votre maison est-elle verte ? Pourquoi votre maison est-elle si grande ? C’est comment en France ? J’habite en Australie. Kobe

  2. Béatrice Hayer

    hello, thank you for your postcard! I didn’t choose the colour of my house, I bought it 20 years ago with this special green, its an old house built in 1904. At the begining it was a house for two family. But i used to live with my two children and my husband, but now they’re old, my son left the house (he’s 25) and the house is maybe too big for us but I like to live in there. I like to live in France (but I don’t know how it is in australia). At that time it’s summer, it’s very hot (about 30°C) but in winter time it snowing and freezing. How is life in Australia?

  3. Kobe

    Australia is winter so it is cold “I have a sister. My name is Kobe.

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