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  1. Pheebs Lau

    Hullo there!

    I live at this address and it was lovely receiving your postcard! Thank you very much, it came at a difficult time in my life and right before my birthday so it really cheered me up.

    I know it’s not addressed to anyone in particular but I felt it was a lovely message from the other side of the world. We wrote you a postcard back but I think it may be lost in the mail. Sorry about that, we got very excited about it at my party.

    Our house right near the South Entrance University of Nottingham. it’s part of Lenton and Dunkirk ward of Nottingham, a ward that has existed in England since the medieval times but now mostly students live here. Beeston Road is the main road that leads towards Beeston, a town that has existed since the Mercian Kingdom and was known for bees it seems! We live in a old three storey house that was rebuilt post-war so sometimes it’s a little cold. The house has very steep stairs and I live at the very top. There is a blue door so when we have parties we tell people to look for the door that looks like the Tardis.

    It’s a nice street, we have some nice neighbours and now that it’s warmer we hang out in the garden with them. Since we’re a big university there are a lot of international students around here. The house is quite nice and big like your picture. It feels smaller when we don’t do the dishes! Most of us are graduating and moving on. It might not be Hope Street but there are a lot of hopes around here, hopes of finishing our degrees. Hopes for our friends graduating, hopes for relationships, love and friendship and hoping that even after we move on we stay in touch and that each one of us may one day find our own street where we will live happily with others as we did here. I guess I hope you have a lovely time as well wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I don’t know you either but I know that your postcard brought a lot of cheer and joy into my life and my housemates.

    Thank you and since I’m guessing you’re an Aussie



  2. Pheebs Lau

    Oh! I forgot love from Craig, Annie, Mat, Maria and Jenni.

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