2 responses to “#875

  1. Beth Watson

    Dear Anna and Vincent,
    Thank you so much for our postcard – what a brilliant surprise!
    The postcard arrived today, and is an absolutely perfect drawing of our house – we have put it on the shelf in our dining room where everyone can see it.
    We live in Nottingham in the UK, with our little boy called Arthur and our ginger cat called Alfie. It’s pretty cold here at the moment – only 2 or 3 degrees most days. It’s probably a bit warmer where you are in Sydney!
    Hope you have enjoyed the Sydney festival, and that you keep on drawing – you are really very good at it.
    Thanks again for our postcard.
    Love from
    Beth and Mark :-)

    • Anna and Vincent Supierz

      Hello! What a great surprise to see your reply!! Vincent and I both felt that our message was a bit brief to you and we didn’t think that you would reply!
      We also have a cat, who is called Charlie and is jet black and a dog called Honey. The Weather has been very hot and muggy and quite unbearable to be at school some days.
      My brother Vincent drew the house and I think he is a very good drawer, if i say so myself :)
      Thanks for the reply! :)
      Anna and Vincent

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