One response to “#632

  1. Stone Roberts

    Hi Kaitlyn-

    We received your post card. It’s super awesome. Today is Thanksgiving. We are making turkey. My name is Stone and I live with my wife, Kristin and my son, Stonie on Hope Street in Brooklyn. Today, my mom, Anne is visiting from Colorado. I wonder if there is a Hope Street by her home?

    We’d love to stay in touch with you. Do you live in Perth? That is somewhere I’d really like to visit one day! Please write us back!

    Our full contact info follows. It’s funny, but even though our door is on Hope Street our address is actually different.

    I’m glad despite that minor detail that we received your letter!

    All the best-

    Stone and Kristin Roberts
    99 Havemeyer ST Apt 2B (at the corner of Hope Street)
    Brooklyn, NY

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