2 responses to “#102

  1. Translation/Traducción:
    Greetings from Australia! We found your house and we liked the colour a lot. Please reply. Have a great day. Bye Hardey and Rosabelle.

  2. Jorge

    Hi Hardey & Rosabelle:
    I’m Jorge, from Valencia in Spain. My parents received your postcard (the pink house is their house) and were surprised because they didn’t understand it. Fortunately, the word “Australia” is interesting for them because their son (me) has planned, two years ago, to go abroad for working and living there.
    So, they gave me your postcard and it was like a sign from destiny for me. If fate permits, my wife (Rebeca), my daughter (Evelyn) and my dog (Tristan), will go to your country, across the world, in 2015. Sometimes magic exists and allows people to fulfill their dreams.
    Thanks for your illusion which is now mine.

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