One response to “#1221

  1. Ann Burkhardt

    Hi Danielle! We received your card today. What a lovely surprise! Our house on Hope Street in Bristol, RI was built in 1785 by a man named John Gladding. He was the miller in this town and when he lived here there was a windmill across the street to grind the meal. My family has lived in this house- 5 generations of us- since the 1920s. The house was painted white in the 1950s ( it was natural shingles for a long time). I added the blue trim to it in 2010. Windows are interesting. Many houses had few windows, because houses were taxed by the window. We are so lucky! I wish you could see the view from this house. It overlooks Narragansett Bay/ Bristol Harbor. It is a beautiful spot! Rhode Island was one of the original 13 states in the USA. The motto is ‘ the Hope State’….so we not only live on Hope Street, but also in a state of Hope!

    Thank you very much for choosing our house!

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