2 responses to “#365

  1. Tracy O'Shea

    Dear Clara, Thank you very much for youtr lovely postcard….it looks just like our house! I am glad to hear you love animals- I do too, and we have a ginger and white cat called Salvador,and he says ‘hello’ to you too! We live in Nottingham in England and it is winter here and rather cold at the moment. Thank you again for your card…and have a very happy Christmas.

    Love from Tracy, Rupert, Caitlin, Ellen, and Salvador x

  2. Lilli Priest

    Hi my name is Lilli!
    I was really excited when I saw your reply because Clara is my cousin and she will be really happy that you got her postcard and replied. I sent a postcard too. I sent it to 33 Hope Street but I haven’t had a reply yet. I hope they will send me one soon.
    All the best, Lilli :)

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