Six months since our last post…

And there have been even more responses gathering away.
Tos and fros.
And new ones too.
Even only a few weeks ago someone received their postcard.
I like imagining where it’s been the last six months…

From Liz and Rob who received #576 who talk of cats and nests.
The need for bars on their windows is explained in #167.
#122 had a lovely invite from France.
Felippe answers delightfully with a variety of fruit to a question in #473
#726 continues on! As does #497
#456 got a response in Spanish.
Jessie responded on behalf of her mother to #554
Katherine and Dave of #19 speak of the zoo at their granddaughter’s house
#320 has introduced me to what lookalike books are.
An amazing & interesting response at #321 (I’ll come visit if I’m ever there!)
#350 only recently arrived in Cape Town (!)
& #674 in New York.

We also are excited that a class in New Zealand took the project on board and did their own Dear Hope Street.
Room 15
You can see them (pictured) and their postcards here.

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