Wishing everyone involved in this project a very Merry Christmas.
Particularly those far away from Australia.
I hope this project has brought hope.
It’s made me very hopeful about the state of community, and generosity and connection.
And strangers in general!
Here are the latest….

Am very please Averley saw her response at #357
We got our first response (i think?) from Italy at #630
A pub in Glasgow has clarified the residential situation at #50
Max managed to send a postcard to the catering manager at a school #277
Lilli is excited for Clara at #365 
Emma has helped us out at #21 and there is a little fan club happening there too.
We are very touched by the story evolving between the Kershaws and the Harveys at #377
And #16 too.
4 Hope St, Ringsend received three* postcards, which are the first bits of mail they’ve received at #295 and #115 and #97 
I loved Jorge’s last sentance in his response to #102
Christmas wishes from Germany at #2
And a lovely response from Canada at #155.

*oops system fail there. Apologies!

I hope the 2014 brings more hope into your lives…
Merry Christmas.
xx Alex.


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One response to “Hopeful.

  1. Dear Alex, Thank you for a wonderful project, cleaning our house for the festive season meant we uncovered our postcard numbers which led to a lot of postcard reading and not much cleaning! We enjoyed checking up on our postcards and then reading almost all the responses….What a wonderful project! I just wish i could let everyone know who has a reply know they have one! Thank you so much..

    Best wishes to you and wishing you the very best things possible for 2014!

    Cheryl Kershaw and the Kershaw family

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