3 responses to “#16

  1. Dear Evelyn,
    My name is Samantha. And I am 7 years old and in the second grade. I have two sisters, Delanie, who is 6 years old and in the first grade, and Alyssa, who is 3 years old and in preschool. Thank you for your postcard, your drawing is great. Do you like to draw? You are really good at it.
    What do you like to do in Australia? I like to swim a lot and am on a swim team. There are a lot of beaches in San Diego, but I don’t like to swim in the ocean, so that’s kinda weird.
    The day we got your postcard I was at the zoo with my family. I saw a lot of animals from Australia, have you ever seen a kangaroo? What are your favorite animals where you live?
    This Thursday is thanksgiving in the U.S.A., do you celebrate thanksgiving in Australia?
    Please write back.
    Your new friend,

    • Teresa Kay

      Dear Samantha,
      Thank you for your message, I was happy to get it! I’m glad you liked my picture. I love drawing & doing craft, my mum calls me the “craft queen”. I live with my mum, dad & brother Henry, he’s 4 years old. I go to pre-primary and will start year 1 in February.
      My Aunty lives in San Diego and I went to visit with my family when I was 3 – I really liked it!
      I love to go to the zoo too, my favourite animals are the birds. Do you have a favourite animal? There is a park near my house where you can feed the kangaroos and other animals, it’s lots of fun and we go there a lot. I am a swimmer too and go to lessons every week, I get to play with my friends there. I also love to dance, sing, ride my scooter, go to the park and ice skate. What do you like to do?
      We don’t have thanks giving in Australia but we are getting ready for Christmas. We put our Christmas tree up on Sunday and have started our advent calendars. It will be the summer holidays here so I will get lots of time off school. Do you do anything special for Christmas?
      I hope you write back!
      Your friend,
      Evelyn (and her mum)

  2. Dear Evelyn,
    We are getting ready for Christmas here too. We put up our tree and have lights on the house. I’m also practicing for our Christmas Eve mass at church. I’m doing one of the readings. I’m kinda nervous, there’s a lot of people that will be watching me. My mom and I were talking about how during Christmas in America, there is snow in some places, but in Australia it’s summer time. We were curious if your Christmas carols ever talk about it snowing? My favorite song is “white Christmas”, what is your favorite Christmas song?

    I love to read books and study science, I love to play basketball and ride my bike. I’ve been reading a lot of books about Australia and I learned that rugby is a very popular sport, have you ever been to a match?

    I hope that you have a wonderful week and if I don’t talk to you sooner, have a very merry Christmas.


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