4 responses to “#21

  1. Translation/Traducción:
    Soy Weayin. Hoy llevo mi vestido español.
    Zoe. 5 años.

    • Fernando

      Hola Zoe. Soy el cartero de la calle Esperanza de Barcelona. Me ha costado un poco encontrar la dirección que pusiste en tu tarjeta postal porque el número 104 de esta calle no existe, pero creo que querías enviarla al número 30 de la calle Esperanza, porque esta casa hace esquina con el número 104 de la calle Escoles Píes. Así que la he entregado en la casa de la calle Esperanza nº 30.
      Espero que te respondan los residentes de esa casa.
      Un beso para tí y tu familia. Adiós.

      • kershawcc

        I LOVE you Fernando, what a wonderful postie you are. It is a wonderful project. i loved seeing all the kids on the picnic rugs finding houses on Hope Street all over the world using Google maps. I am now catching up with all the replies. People like you make the magic happen! Bless you ! Merry Christmas and wishing all good things in 2014.

  2. Emma (A snail mailer who loves your project!)

    Translation using Google:

    Hi Zoe. I am the postman Hope Street in Barcelona. It took me a while to find the address you entered in your postcard because the number 104 on this street does not exist, but I think you wanted to send it to 30th Street Hope, because this house corner with 104th Street Escoles Feet. So I have delivered in the House of Hope Street # 30.
    I hope you meet the residents of that house.
    Kiss for you and your family. Goodbye.

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