2 responses to “#576

  1. Liz and Rob

    Dear Ryan, many thanks for your postcard and the really good picture you drew! In fact, the drawing you did is of the house next to us, 37 Hope Street, and our neighbours Alan and Angela live there (we are in number 39). They have a nice, detached house with a garden at the back. Our house is not quite a big as their one and is semi-detached, and our garden is a bit smaller.

    Alan and Angela have several cats who we often see climbing in the trees in their back garden. The cats sit in the tree and sometimes scare the magpies and grey squirrels that build their nests nearby but I don’t think they mean to scare them, they’re just trying to be friendly :)

    It’s winter here now in the UK although still not too cold, maybe around 5-6 degrees C in the daytime. We have had lots of rain and strong winds lately. I bet it is a lot warmer in Perth!
    I hope you have a great New Year and a wonderful 2014.
    From Liz and Rob, 39 Hope Street.

  2. Alison

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for replying! Ryan is my son and we were only talking about him doing this postcard again this week – I was suprised he remembered as he was only 5 when he did it. I have just printed your reply off for him as we read it at the time but he wanted to keep it. We are originally from the UK, only moved here in 2013 just before sending you this postcard. Thank you once again for making my little man’s day! Alison

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