2 responses to “#554

  1. Jessie Rollick

    Hi Maddie, You sent my Mom a postcard. Unfortunately she does not have a computer and asked me to reply for her. She really liked your picture of the house and the dog and trees. She also has chickens and loves to garden. I have an 11 year old daughter that you can write to if you want. She would love a pen pal from Australia! Thanks again for your pretty postcard. God Bless, Jessie Rollick

  2. Bonnie

    Hi Jessie, I’m so sorry for the delay! I only just checked the blog and saw your response. It’s Maddie’s mom here – Bonnie. Maddie would love a pen pal in the US. Would you like to email me at bbullock23@yahoo.com to arrange the addresses? Thanks again for your note. Bonnie + Maddie

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