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  1. Translation:
    Hyvä tuntematon, nimeni on Kitson. Olen 12-vuotias ja asun Australiassa. Olen hulluna urheiluun ja minulla on 10-vuotias pikkusisko. Meillä menee oikein hyvin.

    Tämä saattaa kuulostaa oudolta kuultuna vieraalta, mutta toivotan oikein hyvää vuotta 2015 ja onnellista uutta vuotta.

    • Dear Kitson. Happy New Year 2015 to You too. We live in a house (very good picture from you), which is situated in Hope Street, Hyvinkää, Finland. The name of the street comes from the Winter War, when russians (200 millions) attacked Finland (4 millions) November 1939. After 100 days we made a temporary peace and lost 10 % of Finland to Soviet Union. International Red Cross built these 5 houses to war invalids to give them HOPE for better future. This house had an outdoor toilet and sauna (google!) in the other building and water was lifted from a well in the garden. And heating came from the owen. This house was inhabited 1941-1980 by a family of an invalid, who lost his right leg. He sold it to me and moved to a flat 1980. So I have lived in this house now 35 years. I enlarged it by one third (left in the picture). I and my wife have 3 children, who all lived in this house. Now I have 3 grandchildren (boy 12, loves sport, others are 6 and 3 years). If you want pictures from this house in winter time (we have now snow about one feet), send me your e-mail address, so I can send them to you.
      I was in Sidney 1993 three weeks in a business trip, so I know a little from your city.
      Pauli Sumanen. retired, paulisumanen (at) gmail dot com

  2. Kitson

    hello from Sydney, Pauli! thank you for replying to me. I appreciate it very much. to be honest I did not think you would reply. but thank you once again for doing so. Sydney is very hot and I love it here! the weather is hot and the water is cool. I like to do stunts and I love to do sport such as tennis and fencing. I wish to hear from you again and hope you have a very nice day. Cheers!

    P.S you can contact me further through my email address: kitson_m_leong (at) yahoo dot com

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