3 responses to “#1061

  1. Elissa

    Dear Harry,

    What a wonderful surprise it was to receive your postcard today! I love the drawing you did of our little house and will be putting it up on our wall so we can enjoy it. I live here with my husband Ian and our two little dogs Tess and Rory. We grow vegetables in our back garden and flowers in the front, although we still have lots of space in the front for new plants to go. I hope you are having a wonderful day where you live – lots of love to you and your family and thanks again for your picture.


  2. Dear Harry,

    This is Ian, Elissa’s husband! I just wanted to add a few words to those that she already sent you to say thanks for your postcard and the lovely drawing of our house on it. It was such an unexpected surprise to find this waiting for us in our post-box on Friday evening and I have say that it is the first time I ever received anything like this!
    I hope that the ‘Dear Hope Street’ project is very very successful and that you all receive lots of replies to the postcards you sent out. I am sure that there will be lots of happy people as a result of it :o)

    Have a lovely day and thanks again!

  3. Dear Ian and Elissa

    thank you so much for replying you seem like loving people and I hope you two and your dogs are well and healthy I really hope you finally got some plants to grow in your spare space.I have one sister named Sienna, my mum’s name is Andrea and my dad’s name is James.
    I am really happy that you liked my picture and that you put it on your wall.
    I am also happy you responded because my sister didn’t get a respond.

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