Two never-happened-befores.

Two never-happened-befores happened this week.
One was a newspaper article in the local Beeston Paper! Look! We really love the photo of the children holding #1150  in front of the real house!

beeston pic

And then we got a rather special email.
From a Canadian postman.
Turns out that #950 was sent to a shed (marked 69) that was actually the property of the street behind.
If you don’t understand. Don’t worry. But here is a picture of said shed.


House #948 is over 120 years old.
#859 got a response from Lapland.
Our first and quite beautiful response from Belgium at #1115
#1123 doesn’t know Harry Styles, but do know their neighbours at #1250
#1273 looks a little different now because of Hurricane Sandy.
#1265 & #827 got a joint response from a kindly Liselotte in Denmark.
#1189 from another sharehouse in Cambridge.
#861 is from a special family. Who taught us what ohana means.
#963 is from the same Hope street that our favourite postman delivers too.
Maruo at #994 is a bit wry and we like it.
#1344 is hoping for Spring and other things too.
#1197 was sent a postcard from someone rather small we expect. Which i think added to the initial confusion.
#1164 is our first response in French. And I’ve learnt I should translate the Quebec ones too! (sorry Quebec!) which was reiterated with postcard #891A too.
I think #824 liked their postcard.
#1321 win the most interesting pets on a Hope Street competition (!)
#862 is a gentle and answers all the questions.

Conversations and pen-pals are springing up all over the world.
Read these to see them growing:
#1135 between Payton & the Coopers, who shovelled a hefty amount of snow.
#995 between Kylie & Zane
#798 between Alice & The Millers.
#993 between Lauren & Jade.
#792 between Amelie & Barbara.

And to end this long list is #1154 which has been adopted by the real estate agent. Which makes us happy.

x Alex.

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