This is not a quick read…

64326_W4S1333-webReady to sit. To read? We’ve had many responses.
So set aside some time to read these responses from near and far.
Friendly, detailed, informative, amusing and hopeful.

I really liked postcard #993 with a cat. So was happy to see Jade received a reply.
Card #991 provided a bit of sunshine.
#837 will be taken to school.
#855 was our first from WA.
#899 was also sent to Albany. And tells us about this little town in WA.
64326_W4S1683-web#1091 got it’s second response.
#1118 got a response from Nick & Poncho the dog.
The house has changed a little at #812
#879 is full of cat love and our first response from New Zealand.
And #792 is our first from the US and isn’t sure who it is outside her house.
#1291 is framed!
The response from #1031, from Finland, is full of insight into living in Finland & why the street is called Hope. (well worth a read!). And (yay!) the child who wrote the postcard has since responded too.
64326_W4S1670-webA sweet as chocolate response to #883
And #949 just made my heart sing a little.
#802 is simple and perfect.
Our first from Italy is at #1003 and we hope Luke sees it!
We agree with #1098A & #1095. We like the pictures too.
And another response from Finland on #978 & #896A
Compliments for the railing at #1347.
A simple and joy-filled response at #854
I like the response at #798 because it summarises the project in some ways.
#980 is a considered and lovely response.
64326_W4S1479-web#1138 have visited Sydney before.
Our first response from Denmark is #1252
AND #1169 might make it into the library newsletter!
#1221 is one of those rare responses we get where the owners know the history of the house & its fascinating.
#1085 particularly liked the tree in their drawing.
#1229  is a quick hello from Italy.
Enthusiasm at #794 from the US.
News of -14°C in Finland at #852 (!!)

And full of more questions and surprise at 64326_W4S1353-webgetting responses, children have responded to their responses here:
#1216 & #875 & #1179 & #759 & #1135
Which is so lovely to see!

And that now is 68 responses.
And no word from France.
Or Hungary.
Argentina or Brazil.
Mexico or Belgium.
Tick. Tock. Fingers crossed.

x Alex.

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