2 responses to “#948

  1. Euan

    Hi, thank you so much for the fantastic card Callum! Our names are Euan and Nicki, and we live in the city of Cambridge in the UK. Cambridge is a beautiful old university city about 50 miles from London. Euan is originally from Scotland and is a Science teacher, Nicki comes from Cambridge and is a Town Planner. We have lived in this house for 2 years now, and really like it, you have captured the red door very well in your drawing. Our house is over 120 years old, we have a tabby cat called Spock (he has pointy ears) and enjoy BBQing in our back yard (although I am sure you are the expert BBQ chef being from Australia!)

    Thank you very much again for the post card, it is stuck on our wall.

    Euan and Nicki

    • Callum Whitehead

      Dear Euan and Nicki,
      We have just found the card that we sent you at the beginning of the year and seen your reply. Thank you for writing back.
      We live in Balmain in Sydney. I have 2 brothers. Henry who is nearly 6 and Mason who is 3. We have a black Labrador called Poppy and she is 10. We also have 2 fighting fish called Karate Chop and Theo and a goldfish called Fingus. Our house is around 130 years old but we renovated it a few years ago. We have a big black door and a bright lime green letterbox!
      I like playing soccer and hanging out with my friend Jasper.
      I went to the UK when I was 9 months old but I can’t remember much about it. We would love to visit again to see my new little baby cousin who lives in London.
      From Callum 😎

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