2 responses to “#759

  1. Ella

    Hello Jack,
    Your right, our house does look dull from the outside but we promise it’s much more exciting on the inside! No we haven’t ever been to Australia but we hope to visit soon for the rugby and to see friends! Thank you for your card, it made us smile!
    Sean and Ella
    P.S you have a very cool name! Keep drawing!

    • Jack moriarty

      Hi Sean and Ella,
      I got your message. I was very excited. I like rugby too and played for the under 8s. I have been to Ireland lots of times. My dad is from Dublin. My mum is from Glasgiw. 😃😃😜
      My name is actually Irish but most people think it is Italian and can’t say it at assembly. It is frustrating. Have a great day
      Ps keep writing. jack

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