And then they landed in the UK

uk picSo, it appears our postcards arrived in the UK before they arrived in WA or New Zealand.
Isn’t the postal service a marvel?

The Hope Streets in the UK have been rather thrilled and responded en mass around when they got their Friday night mail we think. Look at all of these!

#875 is headed straight for the mantlepiece.
#1105 shares a love of Dr Who.
#1150‘s response is short and perfect.
#1278 postcard made them smile. (hoorah!)
#1350 explain their house’s history and their neighbours feelings not living on Hope Street.

#910 is called Ebenezer Cottage because…(!)
Michael received #1271 and is going to show the postcard to his daughters.
& #1010 wrote a lovely response too.
#1155 is all about doors.

#1037 went to a lovely sharehouse
#1309 is another lovely sharehouse and they sent us a picture!
#834 is yet another sharehouse of 5.
#1091 won’t be there much longer.

Good feelings from #1152 in Cheltenham
Discussions about the weather on #1114 in Carlisle.

City Reptiles in Belfast responded (our first shop!) at #1102
And #759 in Ballymeena is a bit of a favourite.

Meanwhile in Australia:
South Yarra  #1216 sounds like a perfect recipient of a postcard from us.
#1073 is short and sweet.
#1006 & #1118 & #1281 & #1040 are all complimentary
#871 from call their house: “Hannah the House of Hope” !
#1061 got it’s SECOND reply!
#853 talked to their neighbours about it all & are looking for new friends. Heart this.

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