One response to “#1169

  1. Hello Alexa!
    What a wonderful treat for all of us at the library to receive your postcard all the way from Australia! I love being a librarian – it is the best job ever if you love books! The only problem is that I don’t have enough time to read all the books I want to read. Last year I read 50 books and I hope to read more this year. Being a librarian is fun since I get to buy lots and lots of books for the library! My library has almost 100,000 books! I hope you like to read. I used to be a Children’s Librarian and I loved reading books to the little children and helping older ones find just the right book. I love my job!
    What a nice drawing of our library! We all love you postcard so much that we hope to print it in our next library newsletter.
    You are so right that it is very cold here. We are in Southeast Massachusetts and in the past 3 weeks we have gotten over 4 feet of snow! More is on the way this weekend! This morning in my car it read 5 degrees Fahrenheit. I wish I were enjoying summer in Sydney instead! Until today, my library office windows were covered by huge icicles. They had to have men come and shovel off the roof! I felt like Elsa in the movie Frozen in my office snow castle!
    It was very nice to hear from you! Enjoy your summer and keep reading!

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