And our first are here!

Our first postcards have arrived & we’ve got some super lovely & speedy responses.

First was #912 and their boat.
And #1015 from that same Hope St in Sevenhils.
At #1227 Nerissa appreciated the detail.
Carla at #1262 was initially a bit concerned.
And a friendship perhaps can begin here at #928.
#1099 was the second postcard this house had received from us.
But thankfully they weren’t annoyed but delighted.
We smiled when we read what Katie wrote on #1224. And are glad she got a reply.
#1063 feel lucky!
And #1061 told us a little bit about their house. And dogs. (we love dogs)
And #1182 reached a very new addition to a family: Fox.

Thank you Hope Street Residents.
There is always that moment when we post and wait.
Grit teeth and ask, “will we get any replies?!”
And then we do.
And it’s, well, the best.

x Alex.

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One response to “And our first are here!

  1. Barbara Selby

    I loved receiving the post card, what a fun activity!

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