2 responses to “#1216

  1. Hi Jordan,
    My name is Jessica and I live with my husband, Kieran. We were so happy to get your postcard. Thank you!
    We just moved in to our hope street house this year. Kieran is a maths teacher at Melbourne Grammar School which is right behind our house. I am a ballet dancer and I have moved to Melbourne from Sydney where I was dancing.
    We love living on hope street. It is quiet, friendly and all the houses have pretty rose bushes and flowers out the front. It’s my birthday next week and I’m hoping for a kitten!!

    Nice to meet you,


  2. jessica

    Dear Jessica,
    Happy birthday! I hope you have a nice birthday and get a kitten. I started big school and today I just met my buddies. I like playing in the safe area at school. I made two new friends this week, Darcy and I don’t remember the other one’s name. I love my big school. Thank you for your reply Jessica. I hope you have a very nice Valentines day with Kieran, I hope you get lots of chocolates and I hope you get lots of presents for your birthday.
    Nice to meet you too!

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