2 responses to “#1179

  1. Angela Holmes

    My name is Angela and my husband is Alan. We have lived in our house for 36 and we are now looking for a bungalow.
    We have four grown up children who have all left home and we have two cats called Tinker and Daisy. We have five grandchildren Ethan (6), Holly (4), Lily (3), Poppy (2) and Charlie 15 months so we are kept very busy.
    Your picture of our house is lovely. Well done and thank you 😃

  2. Caitlin Pratt

    Thx for replying back to me!!! I LOVE cats and we have a cat called Lily!!!! It is really hot over here. One day this summer it got to 38 degreesC!!! I am really pleased you liked the postcard!!!!

    Bye Caitlin

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