NZ, UK, Germany & Ireland. Plus a very special response from Canberra

A massive wave in the last 48 hours has hit the website.
Look at all these responses?!

#260, #101, #697, #248, #592, #296, #665, #256, #285, #702

#379 #150, #669, #384, #33, #678

#701; #710


#279, #265; #25, #434, #717, #189, #534

I also want to say a very special thank you to Gregory Harvey.
His very special responses are here: #337, #245
He also sent us this picture of Hope St in Canberra.
It is a very special Hope Street.


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Another 48 hours and we have all this…

I did say I would only post every week. But this is too many not to post.
Here is a list of all the responses we’ve had since my last post:
#303 is now on a fridge & #719 on a mantle piece.
#693, #207 & #76 & #534 all  got a lovely long replies.
#218 & #664 & #220 & #114 are short but sweet.
Hayley’s response to #610 has been written with much thought.
#557 has got an answer to his statement.
#341 discusses dinosaur & animals in Canberra.
#161 I think brought out their inner child & we’re particularly happy about that.

I also wanted to show you all the numbers of people that have looked up the website from all over the world.
It is quite a lot:
day 2 map holga

xx alex.




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The first replies have arrived….!

We had a little plethora in the last 24 hours of responses near and far.

The Anchor on Hope St, Battersea received two and replied to both #542 and #152.
Hope St, White Gum Valley has been very responsive: #205, #179,
Jack from Mosman Park (#547) has let us know that they have an annual Hope Street Christmas Party Which makes us very happy. Some of your neighbours got postcards too Jack :)
And one from Preston, Vic from Melina (#720) who have Grandparents in Perth.
Killian answered Hana’s pressing question (#30)
And we’re particularly thrilled to see #72 get a response. This postcard’s message made our heart burst a little. Thank you Hope Street Hotel.

xx alex.

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Time to Post.

We are posting the pic
Today. And Tomorrow.
I like to try and visualise their journey across the globe.
Flying on planes to the far curves of the globe…

All the photos from Awesome Festival are up here.
I’d like to point out that there are probably a few mistakes.
Because we’re human.
Some may have missed being photographed, some have duplicate numbers, some are a little fuzzy.
But we hope it doesn’t stop any being replied to or the scale of the project.
Keep your eyes peeled for replies.
We’ll do some posts each week linking to the replies we get.

Till then…

xx alex.

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756! 756! 756!

Awesome Festival has finished.
And we made a whole 756 postcards.
We soon realised that 2000 was a tad optimistic and set our sights on 700.

756 bits of art being posted around the world!
We need to first edit all the photos and put them here, ready for replies.

If you’d like to make sure you’re kept up to date with all the replies and whatnot – please subscribe on the homepage.
(its on the right)

Here are some snaps of what the space looked like at the end…

be in touch again soon.
xx Alex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Hello Awesome Festival!

Its two days until we begin an amazing adventure at Awesome Festival.

This Saturday we’ll be sending the first of what we hope will be 2000 postcards!

If you’re in Perth you should come say hi! Here are details:

5th to 14th Oct @ The State Library of WA (the big one in the city)
From 10am to 4pm, except Sundays at 11am to 4pm.
Ages: 7 & up
Cost: Free!

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A reply for Mia

Mia got a reply yesterday.
From a lady up north in Queensland.
She tells us a little about herself.
And quite perfectly, her family says they “live in hope”.  :)

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Hope from Freo & Alaska.

Very excited to announce that we have had replies!

Google Maps numbering proved a little awry, but it ended up finding the right house anyway…
And Olivia replied too on behalf of the 4 inhabitants and 11 chooks.

Thank you to you both for replying. It really has made us very hopeful about many things!


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7 more to post

Seven brand new postcards to post, thanks to 7 gems at ArtPlay.
These ones have a distinctive aussie flavour to them with 1 to WA &  4 headed to Queensland (3 even to the same street!)
Kissing these and posting them in the mail tomorrow.
Wish them a safe journey!

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Have you received a postcard?

Lucky you!

squared mini globe roundedYour postcard is part of an art project
called Dear Hope Street.
To read more about the project go here.

To reply to your postcard
– Click on the approrpriate number gallery below.
– Scroll through until you find your postcard number.
– Click the photo of your postcard and use the “comments” section below to reply.

photo 1  photo 2
number 6 DHS
We apologise if you received more than one postcard. We tried very hard for this to not happen, but …well…it wasn’t perfect.

Any questions? email alex @ maybetogether . com . au or comment anywhere on the website.

xx alex

PS If you aren’t familiar with google translate, it might be useful.
PPS for those of you that want to keep in the loop of all the replies – the best way is to subscribe to the blog on the right ——>
Every few days we’ll write a list of all the replies we’ve received. They’re quite a nice thing to have in ones inbox we think.


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