One response to “#192

  1. Anke

    Dear Joey,
    thanks for your lovely postcard! And do not apologize for your drawing… it is really nice and absolutely accurate: I could even recognize the flag under the window at the first floor. It used to be the room of a 12 years old girl who lived in this house before and cheered on the soccer teams during the world cup in 2006. Two years ago she, here older brother and their parents moved to another place near Bremen.
    Now it is me, Anke, my partner and our dog Nelly, who are the inhabitants of Hope Street 2b. We like living on Hope Street and we are lucky that you liked our garden – although it looks a bit sad now in winter. But next spring it should be green and full of multi-coloured flowers again. Promised! We hope to hear from you again.
    Best wishes from Bremen, Germany, Anke

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