The postman. The tornado. The earthquake and more.

It really is so lovely to wake up every morning and scroll through all the comments we’ve received over night.
There are so many I want to make sure you read!

Like this one, from a postman in Barcelona. (#21)
Or. This one that has somewhat freaked out a good humoured Belgian. (#672)
Or learning that a tornado went around Hope St in Washington in this one. (#479)
But an earthquake hit Hope St in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011. (#727)
This eccentric one from a New Yorker. (#572)
From 7yr old Samantha in in the USA. (#16)
Knowing a little history of this house in Bremen & then the whole street. (#192 & #194)
The endearing spelling in this one from Sweden. (#492)

The framers in South Africa. (#354)
Discovering Habbetsalles from residents in Denmark. (#255)
How living on a Hope St means a lot to some. (#174)
And an offer of burgers and chips. (#678)

And.Site visits over the last week
All of these ones too:
Canada: #401#73
Belgium: #419#23
USA: #427
Germany: #193
South Africa: #400
Australia: #257
France: #677 #675
UK: #726#125#752

happy reading
xx alex.

(site visits statistics over the last 7 days)


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